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    About Me Steve is a Singer/Songwriter and Guitarist based in Wellington, New Zealand. However, he was born in Sydney Australia in the mid-1960s and grew up in the southern suburbs of Sydney. Because he was originally born with an extra thumb on his right hand and a split eardrum he plays and hears music slightly differently to a normal person. So you are in for some very interesting sounds to say the least. Where it began Well picture this he must have been about 8 at the time, he on a school bus trip and his classmate was feeling sick. The bus driver pulled over and said the radio isn’t working and does anyone know a song to cheer the little girl up? So he started to sing Toreador and got about a third of the way through and then everyone started to join in. All the kids were so happy including the little girl and they were now singing louder than him lol. He sat back down, the bus pulled slowly away and looked out the window and thought wow if this makes people feel good then I want to do this someday. What to expect He said I love playing live and you can’t beat a festival feel gig with so many other great acts at a festival. I feel so fortunate and I’m so looking forward to sharing some of my songs. Steve uses a wireless system to really bring shows to his audience. So as they say in pantomime “He’s Behind You”. He sometimes does this solo or with his Alternative Blues band, Sugar Gliders and this takes his live performances to a totally another level for the audience to enjoy. Hope you enjoyed the journey  Quotes Led Zep meets Robert Johnson (New Zealand) - "Tumbleweeds and Dust" it’s pretty cool (Jeff Classic Popka) Jeff Classic ~ Indie on Air I like the idea here and what Steve Wright, is trying to do with the fusion of Rock and Electronic music. Andros Georgiou ~ iplacemusic.com I'm very happy to announce this track - DJ Trick Rembrandt ~ Hot Wax Review

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