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    The Numatik Lab is the production studio base for music producer Steven Botting from the UK. For over 20 years Steve has been in and out of studios most of his life. His humble beginnings as a drummer and percussionist at 12 years old landed him a place at his local youth music society. Steve was a popular member of the orchestra and was often seen playing timpani, xylophone, and snare drums. The youth society was a big part of Steve’s percussion training and for his age, his ability as a percussionist awarded him a grade A+ at The Kent Music School UK. The drums were a very important part of Steve’s life as a child and he owned a 6 piece Tama drum kit where he would be actively playing in a local punk band in the mid-’80s. The band almost landed a record deal but Steve was not quite ready for the massive commitment at the time. During the late 80s, Steve was in his late teens. He discovered Acid House and Rave music and became obsessed with the music that came from the scene at the time and saved up for a Roland W30 workstation and a few Roland synths like the SH101 and Juno 106. After several months of studying drum machine and synth programming, Steve made music. A few of his productions were released on small independent labels. This led to doing DJ sets at all-night warehouse parties and then onto licensed raves and clubs. The love of synth and electronic music was a natural progression into the dance scene. The late 90s was a great time and Steve hooked up with Tony Edwards from EMI who used to be in a band that supported Gary Numan on tour. They formed Aquilia, a progressive house concept that became quite a successful project landing on one of DJ Sasha’s biggest selling Ibiza compilations. The biggest track “Dreamstate” was also featured on a Channel 4 documentary about clubbing as well as many clubbing magazine cover-mount CD’s.

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