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    Singer and songwriter Steve Boller writes rhythmic, upbeat pop music. His classically trained vocals and varied song structures combine indie pop, motown, soul, and contemporary folk influences. The Indianapolis-area native has been compared to artists such as Jason Mraz, Maroon 5 and Michael Jackson. “All I’ve Got,” Boller's newest single, was released in early 2018. The driving, rhythmic track blends 1980s funk and soul with modern indie pop elements. Boller’s debut full-length album, “Let’s Begin,” was released in July 2016. Produced by Jonathan Class, It rose to #3 on the Noisetrade singer/songwriter charts and garnered FM radio and internet radio play. Music blogs such as Purple Melon Music, Abduction Radiation and SOM Magazine helped spread Steve's music beyond his local audience. "Let's Begin" found a particularly receptive audience on YouTube, where popular music channels like AlexrainbirdMusic, Sounds New/Sounds Good, Funspear and Curved Flow helped Steve's music gain hundreds of thousands of streams. In the Fall of 2016, Steve opened for Marc Broussard to kick off his 5-state midwest solo tour in support of "Let's Begin." Full band club shows followed in 2017.

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 Souful, eclectic pop music.