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    Born in 1970 Steve aka Tribal Injection/ Dephunk/ FilthyGroovin/ Him & I/ Basscutters/ GrooveCut along with various other alias soon got a feel for music at a very young age with the late 70's early 80's hiphop/breakdance music. As time progressed he started to buy electro records as far back as 1981 and got a feel for becoming a dj. Around 1983 he wired up his mums and sisters record players and started to mix the previous electro records he had bought and really enjoyed played the two vinyls together. Time went by and around 1986 Steve who was still buying vinyl although be it from different genres managed to arrange a set of Technics SL1200's and a mixer, this is when he started to take his mixing more serious. He started out in his bedroom and was giving mixtapes out and was soon booked by locals clubs and bars and gained a residency at a local club. As time moved forward and the acid house rave scene was exploding he was invited to play at a warehouse party which went on to becoming a regular weekly thing, he was so much involved that he became one of the partners and was putting on warehouse ravesevery weekend all over staffordshire. This led to him opening up a record shop with his partners and they called it freestyle promotions. This shop ran from around 1991 - 1997 but Steve pulled out as he moved away from the area in 1995. Once settled in his new town he took a small break from the djing until going to Portugal in 2000 where he was so influenced by the Portuguese sound and the Iberican sound that he just had the urge to get back into the djing. So out came the decks and vinyl along with a whole big batch of vinyl that was purchased in Portugal and he was back at it again. Since then there has been no looking back and has gone on to now producing music as well as playing it. He is also a regular on Music Is The Drug Podcast with Corey Biggs playing all things Tech Techno. With so many tracks produced between him and his nephew they decided to start a record label to release their music along with other on. So this was decided and Filthy Groovin Records was born. Filthy Groovin Records was founded back in 2007 with the intention of bringing the best underground house beats to the fore front of the music scene. Since then Filthy Groovin Records has grown into a group consisting of four labels covering Tribal, House, deep house/soulful and harder underground styles with many sub genres under those. We encourage fresh new talent where ever we can and like to work directly with the artists we sign to our labels urging them to market themselves along side us, not just relying on the label as in this digital age getting yourself known as an artist in social circles is everything. We always take submissions for new music and listen to everything we can so if you have something get in touch with us. Influences Todd Terry Dennis Ferrer Roger Sanchez Eric Morillo Chus and Ceballos DJ Vibe Richie Santana Oscar De Rivera Murk Peter Rauhofer And Many More.

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