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    At the age of 7, Steve suffered through piano lessons at the hands of the good sisters from St. Joseph’s Parochial School. This did not dampen his enthusiasm for good music and taught him the basics of scales and chord progressions. Throughout the next three years, much to his parent’s chagrin, he kept hammering away at the piano, mostly the devil’s music, rock and roll. Of course, everything changed when the Beatles hit the scene, and Steve obtained his first guitar, a $20 piece of crap that badly deformed the tips of his fingers. Several instrument upgrades and local bands later, due to the difficulties finding a decent bass player, he switched instruments, and in 1975 answered an ad in the Boston Phoenix for a bass player. Along with longtime friend and keyboard player Eric Kaufman, he met Paul and Patty Van Ness who had placed the ad. This was the beginning of a band called Quick, which over the next year developed quite a sizable local following. The band went through several changes and eventually became Private Lightning. This band played for several years and signed a contract with A&M Records, releasing one eponymous album released in the early 80s. Private Lightning eventually broke up, and Steve played bass guitar in several other local bands before ‘getting a real job’. While he no longer plays out, he has been involved in recording both original tunes and also covers when the mood strikes. He is currently an active member on the sites BandLab and Drooble, and his music can be found on all of the popular release points. In addition to creating and recording music, Steve has gone on to learn the arts of Engineering, Mixing and Mastering, using tools developed by Cakewalk, Izotope, Waves, Native Instruments and several other companies. You can learn more about Steve and download his current catalog at his site, Baselines Designs, http://www.baselines.com.

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