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    www.stevegilesmusic.com Steve Giles is a singer/songwriter originally from Eugene, Oregon and currently working out of Los Angeles. After spending many years primarily as a bassist and songwriter, he has finally made the move to center stage and put his hat in the ring as a singer. Influenced by artists like Elliot Smith, Death Cab for Cutie and The Decemberists, his debut album It Always Snows in Greenland is an acoustic-based dreamscape full of ironic and sharp lyrics, with a full emotional range on display from uplifting and hopeful to dark and devastated. Released in early 2016, the album features Steve playing, singing, and programming all of the parts as well as writing the music (save for a soulful acoustic reinterpretation of Peter Gabriel’s classic song Mercy Street). Steve's second album This World And The Next was released on 10/31/18. It features 7 brand new tracks all centered around the themes of mortality, longing, and love across the boundaries of life and death. Also included is a moody acoustic cover of the classic song from The Police, Spirits In The Material World. Steve has worked with many talented and successful artists over the years, including Saucy Monky, Amy Hef, Arrica Rose and the …’s, The Obvious Wish, 3 Penny Needle, The Cherry Bluestorms, Dream Life Misery and many, many more. He continues to write, record and perform with many of his favorite musicians on the scene in Los Angeles and beyond.

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 Thoughtful, haunting, modern acoustic music