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    Stephanie Merchak is a classically trained composer and sound designer. Her passion for music and sound kept growing over the years. This brought her to work as a sound editor, sound designer and composer for studios in Lebanon from 2006 till 2016, creating sound design and music for TV and radio ads, documentaries, local short films and feature films. Since the beginning of the 2000s, she has been working on her own music, incorporating various techniques (field recordings, data bending and sonification, twelve-tone series, granular and FM synthesis, hardware synthesizers improvisation...) and styles (ambient/dark ambient, elctronica and downtempo, club oriented music, orchestral...). She constantly searches for new ways to push the boundaries of sonic experimentation. She has released a few singles, EPs and full-length albums both independently and on labels in the UK, France and the US. Her tracks have been featured on various radio shows and mixes.

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