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    AFROJESUS BAND Afro J ,which stands for Afro Jesus is a Mozambican Afro-gospel Band from Maputo, it was founded in 2008 by the lead guitarist & vocal Lário Madiquida and the Drummer Stélio Marques(Teko),after few line up changes in its early years, the Band settled on 6 members for 3 years now : Lário ,Manuel, Jolindo, Edson, Melita and TekAfro Jesus is well known for its contagious rhythms & melodies and super energetic live performances. VISION : To see the nation of Mozambique glorifying GOD in every circunstances of life. OBJECTIVES : To become a Band of reference in the local music Industry in order to innovate and improve the standard of the gospel music made in Mozambique. To ensure divine and social entertainment to the people ,activating and reactivating their spiritual ,social and cultural values. STYLE AND LIRICAL THEMES Afro Jesus music is influenced by different traditional and contemporary rhythms from Mozambique and worldwide, but they classify their music by being Mozambican popular gospel. Afro Jesus is known for mixing over 3 different rhythms in one song what results in a great success. Their lyrics are simple , written in Portuguese(official language from Mozambique, English and Shangana (Local dialect from Maputo-Mozambique) and they portrait radical message of GOD. The Band is known for its attention-grabbing image ,as the members perform wearing exclusive formal and informal matching clothes with typical afro make -ups on their faces.

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