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    Independent recording artist ST.Innocent based in London UK began his music and art ambition as a teenager inspired greatly by rap music.As a recording artist,his musical successions following his first national UK tour gave birth to his first mix-tape project,"un-reasonable doubt" an urban sound piece which the critics call the work of a mastermind.With classic hip-hop sounds recognized on the project i.e, the rendition of dead presidents, etc., it presents a well rounded urban musical material... Extending his work Load after gaining number one position for Hip-Hop globally and in the UK on the number one music chart, St.innocent ventures into the production of his next line of musical composition to keep the fans in tune with the hottest music in the country.Although unreleased but speculated to be yet another master piece, the anticipation of the next project seems to be a fine source of motivation for the London based rapper.

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