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    I have started with the process of learning sound-design about 6 years ago (2010) and slowly driving my interest into production, mixing and mastering. I am a so called "ghost producer", so I worked on some songs unofficially about which I can not talk. However, the last 2 years I focused on my own band, "GherlaTotAnul" (which is why most of my work is not posted anywhere). I take the part of production and post-production and B-Dex (Co-founder of GherlaTotAnul) takes the roll of the interpret, lyricist and album concept design. We are relatively new since we both try to keep a balance between improving our music creation and college. I usually go for a more electronic sound sheet when it comes to music production, but I think I can handle other genres if enough time is given. I mainly focus on Hip-Hop beats but I always try to add a little twist to them,so I usually avoid having a common sound.

  • The Darkest Of The Days
  • DREAMER'S CLOUDS | Instrumental
  • ENERGY | Instrumental
  • Le Clown | Instrumental
  • Dangerous Roads | Instrumental