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    Slow Motion Picture is an orchestral alternative rock project from New York led by multi-instrumentalist Brian Caesar (former bassist of the band As Tall As Lions). The project began as a duo in 2009, originally recording under the name For Every Story Untold, with Caesar writing the majority of musical arrangements and singer/ pianist Lauren Edman (Sleepthief) taking on the role of the band's front woman. The two wrote score-like songs to accompany a series ghost stories that Caesar had originally written to cope with the loss of his father. Later adding drummer Aaron Kelly, keyboardist Marco Talamo and bassist Dan Timmons to the live line up, they began playing venues around the New York area including several sold out shows opening for up and coming artists such as Susanne Sundfør (M83) and Braeves . In 2014, Lauren Edman decided to leave the group to focus more on her project Northern Flicker. Slow Motion Picture released its debut album In Memory Of... shortly after. The album was very well received by critics and fans which led to the song Opening getting a prominent spot on the Ear to Ear Records / Gerpfast Kolektif compilation REVOLUTION-The Shoegaze Revival. Currently, Caesar is working with singer Elle Morisette and violist Suzanne Morello to finish up a follow up EP expected to be out in 2018.

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