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    Born and raised in the city of L.A. in a small town named Boyle Heights. as a kid being in the hood with gangs and violence Daniel Hoffman "Slinks" found peace thru his natural talent of writing poems and verses of rhymes and hooks. getting signed to an independent label which lead no where due to bad business and false promises. once the contract was over in 2007 he released his own album which he Executively Produced himself under his own label BustBackEnt entitled "Words Of A Hustler." now with 2 full albums 1 EP and 6 singles he is on the rise to successfully branding his name in the indusrty. in 2019 he released his latest single entitled "Death To Mumble Rap" which is hitting the airwaves in the WestCoast and is creating an impact stating his point to most of the music thats being put out by the music industry now a days. be sure to follow him on all his social medias to keep up the him and his music.

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 Slinks "SelfMade" Out now!