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    Started in Aruba in 2006 I laid my eyes on a DAW for the first time and kind of fell in love with it. Been into music and technology for as long as I can recall but in 2006 is where I first started to really experiment with sounds of my own. I see myself as a Beat maker, Producer, Sound guy, MC, Sonic Artist and I am always hungry to be better. Hip hop culture taught me how to create something out of nothing, it taught me that creativity is not bound to music theory or the edges of a canvas. Hip Hop culture is fundamental to how I create music even when said music is not 'rap'. That being said musical elements of all kinds creep into everything I do and it is also the very thing I pride myself on. The ability to create without boundaries, be it genre or even language since I am multilingual. My musical interests & influences are very widespread therefore the music I create reflects this. Growing up listening to Dancehall, Soca, Calypso, Soul, Blues, R&B, Rock, pop, electronic music and more makes it almost impossible for me to pick just one flavor. Like a painter's palette all these styles are like colors with which we can create our own masterpieces.

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 "More beats, less war" 

  • Nobody Like You
  • I'm Leaping
  • Esaki T'e (This is it) - instrumental
  • Rage - instrumental
  • Riptide - instrumental
  • Bonkers - instrumental
  • Rotten Forgotten - instrumental
  • So High - instrumental
  • Sprung Up - instrumental)
  • This Fuckery - instrumental)