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    Montreal basement producer SIMm_514 will bring you along a sweet ride through his native ‘’cheese city’’. Get into his ‘’future nostalgia’’, filled with chicken-greased bass line ,G funk whistling synth and futurebass chopped vocals. future house and classic hiphop is slowly melting into a brand new fresh and spicy recipe.. Growing up listening to hiphop and electro-funk, Simm felt a natural inclinaison toward music, first as a session drummer playing a variety of projects, ranging from studio recording to television and theatre. In 2000 He joined his first showband and started touring worldwide in major venues and casinos such as the Sands, the Hilton,the Meridien, Sheraton and the Intercontinental to name a few. In 2009, with over 9 years of experience playing ‘’pop’’ music Simm_514 started working in studios in NYC and Paris, first as a session drummer then a beat maker and rapidly as a downmixer and sound designer. With his cinematic approach, inspired by cheesy Sci-fi movies and graphic novels, Simm_514 will transported you to his own retro-futuristic universe. Times and style has no more boundary. Get a burger at 4 in the morning in a parking lot while the car stereo is playing some old Dazz Band and fresh Louie Lastic.

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