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    Shery is the Queen of Klasick Castle. Self-Released Music Projects "WERK!" (Mixtape) 2013 "Out of Control" (Single) 2014 "Broken Crowns" (EP) 2015 "Disappearance of the Queen" (EP) 2017 "Drunk Smile" (Mixtape) 2017 Press Shery Salonga: The Future Of Music Is Dependent On Today’s Artists “It’s up to us to do something about it or not. We are in this new era, we should be more involved if anything.” Interview: http://skillyonline.com/shery-salonga/ Social Media klasickcastle.bandcamp.com soundcloud.com/sherysalonga youtube.com/sherysalonga310 facebook.com/sherysalonga310 twitter.com/sherysalonga instagram.com/sherysalonga

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