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    Started listening musically during year 1984 school break with materials from King Diamond's to MJ's till Lionel Ritchie's. Growing deeper into multiple musical gender with Carlos Santana, Eric Clapton, Tears for Fears, Dire Straits as main musicianship icon. Till new jack swing hip-hop came along within Seattle grunge ultra-force that change the atmosphere by splitting the musics to dozen other pieces. Along came the trip-hop era with Portishead, Saltillo, Unkle etc with new jungles & breakbeat musics from future people, starting with Roni Size, Dillinja, Phot3k, Paradox etc. Then came that nu-metal era of Metalhead, Sepultura, Korn, Deftones, Systems that widen up the options of creation. Till now, the journey is incomplete. But many thanks to all of the previous musicians and performers that breaking the new generation musical minds, especially to Mr Nujabes (RIP) from Japan & Mr Derry Sulaiman (active) from Indonesia. All the best & God Bless. ~Sto the Unknown~

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