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    I could nt be a brick in the wall , Couldn't just live for just to survive , " just work and spend the weekends in the outings doesn't seem enough life for me " , I answered the call of the art , Art take me to another dimensions of this life , introduce me to passion , love , peace and revolution as it should be , although since childhood i was connected mentally and emotionally with may be all kind of arts especially Music and films ,but i myself didn't start to see myself as an artist except recently from few years ," it is never easy to explore what is inside you and identify it , it takes time " I started with film making just short clips , and i will be joining the birth of my first cinematic short movie soon as a film editor , now iam preparing a long Documentary movie "which will be divided also to short clips" about the new world order this is may be considered a project of my life , and it is nt meant to be professional as i do not wait for self glory or to be famous or even profit out of what i do , it is just expressing myself and spreading awareness with Art and touches makes me alive recently about more than a year only i started creating some short music , just meant to be joyful and light , if i will talk about music i have my own taste which is away from the commercial music , i like to dig deep , i love jazz , blues the most and music always been related to mood , i might spend some time with jazz then some time with classics then may be underground bands all depend on the mood I also recorded some songs which i write with arabic my native language but i didn't publish them because i see myself lacking vocalise capabilities

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