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    NIR 300 (presents name Sergey Ptitsyn) The project was created in 2013 for the live performances of musicians working in different styles. The show is based on search of new impressions, and an output of emotions of performers... As it was clarified, the Dancing culture is more free, and allows to depart from the known stereotypes, to be together with listeners. Combination of studio operation and the concert show already known tracks and the created tunes directly on the stage, in the face of the audience... all this is created before slushatelm. In this infernal kitchen of the sounds boiling and raging together with the audience at the concert venue musicians create the atmosphere of a unification.... For this period of time contracts with different a record labels are concluded.... wasrecorded there are also tracks of different styles. Air of radio stations of the different countries replenishes the singles NIR 300.

  • NIR 300 - Policy Of Drift
  • Nir 300 - Concerto
  • Nir 300 - New Town In Tour (pilot Vers.)
  • Nir300 - Unity ( Ft.prorok & Capitan Knuckles)
  • Ptitzyn - The Ghost Of Rock N Roll
  • NIR 300 - Sexual Origins
  • NIR 300 - Around The Sun
  • Ptitzyn - Atmos Robotics
  • Nir 300 - Club Pimp (ft.sagat)