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    David Michael Tardy is a self taught composer & musician who's music output is described by industry professionals, musicians, bands, listeners and fans, as a "Prolific" composer & songwriter. He has also been referred to as"The Chameleon", because one never knows what style of music David is going to compose next. An Honor's graduate from the world renowned audio school, The Institute of Audio Research (NYC), David was asked to instruct right after graduating, which he did for 8 years, teaching Audio Post Production & Digital Music Production, while also working along side of Volition Sound's owner, Wendell Hanes, at Vito DeSario Editing & Bang Music, on National TV Spots for Canon, Sprint, AT&T, The Olympics and VH-1, to name a few. Together David & Wendell received a Gold World Medal for "Best Original Music" at the New York Festival for Showtime's All Out Summer Campaign. "I really enjoy composing and sharing music. As a boy, I remember walking around the house with a portable record player and listening to the sounds of whales for hours. I was always intrigued by sound. Film score interested me from a very young age, as I was always fascinated at how it captures the emotions of the listener and adds much more of an experience to visual images and film. I began composing at a very young age, around 11, when my parents purchased a used baby grand piano. I would spent hours every day on that piano. I always had finished music in my head, especially symphonic pieces, however I was not sure how I would be able to produce what I was hearing in my head. It wasn't until the 8th grade when a group of musicians performed the theme from "2001: A Space Odyssey", at my school, only using sampling keyboards (Casio FZ-1's) and it sounded like a symphonic orchestra. At that moment, I was hooked. Music has always touched my heart and that is where I compose from. As long as I am able to touch and captivate someone through music, I am content and happy. Music and sound is the best way I can express myself. It is an expression of what I am thinking, feeling or something I have experienced. Music is truly the universal language." www.songtradr.com/seesthedaymusic

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