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    Sean Hiler is a 44 year veteran behind the piano and keys with over 25 years experience as both a live and studio musician. Sean has spent 15 years in Nashville touring with well known artists and now resides in Myrtle Beach as one of the Grand Strands top pianist/keyboardist. Sean has been nominated and taken home 2018 Musician of the Year and 2019 Pianist Keyboardist of the Year from the Carolina Country Music Awards. He is versatile with any genre of music. His playing style would be compard to Bruce Hornsby, Elton John, John Tesh and Phil Vassar. He writes and composes his own music from his studio. "I have been very humbled and greatful, being able to share music with others. I look forward to growing and learning more in music and hope to one day pass that on to other musicians eager to learn, write and play music as well." Sean Hiler

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