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    Scott Norris - Artist BIO a.k.a Planet Norris - Artist BIO Current Album Release - Live My Life My Way Release Date August 29, 2015 Recognition & Awards: Reflections won for the best pop/folk song by The Akademia February 2016 Awards, Reflections was featured as a REVERB NATION CROWD PICK Favorite for February 2016 Falling Down won best Alternative song by The Akademia February 2016 Awards and Live My Life My Way was an honorable mention for Best Song of the year in 2016. Scott Norris is a talented multi-instrumentalist, singer & song-writer. Scott writes all of his own material and some of his music is showcased on his first CD release, “Live My Life My Way” by Planet Norris. Planet Norris has also released the single tracks Thump & Bump in 2018 and Let's Live for the Weekend in August of 2019 which was recorded with studio professionals in Nashville, TN! The music was recorded all live in the studio and over dubs added in for the vocal harmonies and percussion. Scott used many singers including himself to give each song its own personality and flavor to the ears. Whether you like pop, hard rock, ballads, alternative, acoustic etc... it is all done extremely well with excellent musicianship, melodies and harmonies on this album. Scott is willing to discuss writing material for other artists or gather Planet Norris for a concert. Planet Norris arrived on the scene only a few years ago, its first 2 social media endeavors of Facebook and ReverbNation have garnered many thousands of fans. Scott also has released 2 singles Thump & Bump in 2018 and Let's Live for the Weekend a few weeks ago in 2019! I look forward to hearing from you as music will open doors to new worlds!

 Music Will Open Doors to New Worlds