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    SB4 Productionz was created by a group of 4 Hip-Hop and R&B Music producers with 20+ years of music production/composing, audio engineering, recording, mixing, and mastering experience. The members met in Texas and became friends through their love of music production and recording. Each member ran their own recording studio serving some of the Hottest local artist and talents from Austin to Dallas TX. Through these shared experiences, they have learned about making beats; music production; music composition; the music business, and this ever so evolving music industry. As they’ve become more seasoned and crazy-busy, the days of spending hours on top of hours living the studio recording life has burned out. For this reason, they have taken their music interest in a different direction and decided to join TAXI! Currently, there are two active members in the group- Vincent Earl and Adrian Miller. Since they have joined Taxi, they have entered the new world, or should I say new creative outlet for music composition and production and it is Exciting!

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