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    Sarah Spencer is a Nashville-based americana singer and songwriter. A native of central Florida, Spencer calls her style of music Americana Sunshine. In 2012, she brought her love of song Nashville. Since then, her songs have been recorded by nationally touring artists, played on radio stations around the country, and have won a few awards, including: Best Country Song in the 2017 USA Songwriting competition for “If You Drink” (S. Spencer/J. Cirillo/D. Reifsnyder), the 2015 Frank Brown Song Contest with her song “Little One Bedroom,” and was a finalist in both NSAI/CMT’s Song Contest and Merlefest’s Chris Austin Songwriting Contest for her song, “Us Someday.” She’s released two albums: Angelfire with guitarist Steve Morse and Freshman Year as a solo artist. Angelfire toured briefly in California and Florida and was well-received by fans all over the world. She’s also the creator of SongFancy, a songwriting blog and community for beginning female songwriters, aimed at helping them with basic song craft and learning to love their unique songwriting voice. She runs the fast-growing 5 in 5 Song Challenge, has written a book of songwriting prompts, and offers online courses on songwriting. She’s obsessed with Instagram, expensive coffee, and cheap wine. You can find her music on Spotify and grab a free song online at SarahSpencer.com.

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 Sunshine Americana. Nashville by day, Florida by heart. 

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