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    At the age of 18, Australian singer/songwriter Sarah Reeve started touring the world with her original music. During that time, she has released an album & single to chart success, received international radio play & TV syncing and she has performed in front of crowds as big as 30'000 and live TV audiences as large as 9 million. For 3 years, Sarah was the lead Singer and Songwriter in the band The Empire Lights but is now working on her next solo album again. In April of 2015, Sarah signed a publishing deal with DWB ltd and has since attracted attention to some of her songs from song pitchers, artists and labels around the world. Sarah combines her time between London & Sydney and travels to different studios around the world, co-writing and recording for her own album and for other artists. She also performs regularly with just her voice and piano and occasionally with a band. Her passion, persistence and overall positive vibes is clearly evident in her songwriting and performance skills.

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