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    Biography Of CoolManathi. Sandisile Koyana AKA CoolManathi was born in 1986/12.02 in Germiston Johannesburg. In 1990 CoolManathi moved to eastern cape umthatha after he was left by his mother who went to eastern cape.In 1996 he joined a Umbhaqanga group and they started to teach him how to write a song .In year 2000 CoolManathi started to worry about his family he moved to Mqanduli Ezidindi where he lived for 7 month and his mother came and take him to the family in Umthatha where he met many kwaito groups and started to make friends with them until 2001.In 2001 CoolManathi moved to his home in CapeTown with his mother where he met his 3 friends Banele , Asanda and Banele and they together formed a kwaito group named it Soldiers Of Love but things didn’t go well for the group CoolManathi was arrested and spent 2 month in prison when he come back he finds his friends they already moved on with their lives and when he tried to unite the group again it was already late.In 2002 CoolManathi was arrested for house braking and spent 8 month in prison when he came back after a year he chose to leave music and focus at school but he joined the wrong school (Khulani High) in Langa location.CoolManathi became a bad gangstar at school and township in 2004 he was chased out of school but he never take any bad choice after that he went straight to BackYard studio to see Mashonisa the producer and they worked together to make CoolManathi’s single (Kasi Lam ) .In 2005 DAsandi was arrested again for armed robbaly but he was found not guilty. CoolManathi never record anything until 2006 when he opened his own recording studio 6116 records and recorded his first album as Mr Too DamnGood but it was’nt easy in Cape Town. In 2007 he tried to move to Johannesburg but he came back to CapeTown and he was arrested for possision of dagga and sentenced 3 years outside but that did’nt stop him he continued with crime until he was arrested again with his 5 friends for urmed robbary in 2009 they spent 8 month in prison and he was again arrested in 2010 for murder and he was relised for self defence. In 2011 he moved to Johannesburg where he worked with O,Twins Media as a sound engeneer. In 2012 CoolManathi met Tyovo who was a actor on SABC 1 popular soupie Zone 14 and she introduced CoolManathi to Thabo Ledwaba the producer of the hit song ( Sister Bertina) Thabo helped CoolManathi to record an a album at O,twins studio working with Biblos and stivovo from Sister Bertina and the album made CoolManathi to be rocognised by other musicians in jhb he was performing all around JHB and Pritoria.CoolManathi shared a stage with big artists like Fiesta Black, Dj Clock , Dj Tira , Speedy , Oskido and manymore.In 2014 CoolManathi went back to studio with Thabo Ledwaba they did a second album called ( Something Fresh ) but the album did’nt go well cause CoolManathi’s mother passed away and he never get focus again.In 2015 CoolManathi met Thembalethu Mchunu they together formed a group name Ghetto Gear they recorded an album with 2 hot tracks Nkalakatha Remix And Iy’ntombi Zangakithi.in 2016 CoolManathi recorded his solo album ( My Life) with 17 songs and now he is pushing the album to the people the album is available in all online stores. CoolManathi

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