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    The artist, the songwriter, the trapper, Sandiego Chapo. Born in Virginia May 11, 1993 as Carmen Hay, this indie artist has been lyrically inclined since elementary school. She always had a microphone in her hand but got her start at the age of 20 performing in ATL and local clubs and after spots in her hometown. She is one of the first gay female trap rappers who is drawn to the syle of other artists such as Gucci Mane, Young Scooter, Peewee Longway, Cook LaFlare and others. She is currently unsigned but her work has not been unoticed. Currently living in the DFW area of Texas, she has caught the attention of FW Pac, I. Fezia, and Teflon Turksta. She hopes to work with other artists on new projects as well as build her own brand Global Trap Music. Be sure to check out her latest music on SoundCloud, Spotify, and here on ReverbNation. For booking and features contact Sandiegochapo@gmail.com. FB,Twitter, IG, Tumbler: Sandiegochapo.

 Bitches trap better