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    Taj Easton grew up in the rural Sierra Nevada Mountains of California in the 90’s. He developed an intense enthusiasm for music early on while learning to play the bass guitar from a reclusive neighbor in a trailer deep in the woods (who allegedly had a giant, malicious goat for security that would unfailingly molest Taj in earnest as he came and went from the RV). Transcending the constraints of his country-music-loving small town, he devoted countless hours in his formative years to learning to master the instruments that would allow him to recreate the sounds of his rock and roll, electronic music and early hip-hop inspirations. After getting ahold of his first four-track, a life-long passion for music composition and audio production was solidified (which the discovery of Digital Audio Workstations pushed into overdrive). Having spent the last ten years working tirelessly on independent recordings (both of his own and those of other independent artists) across a range of styles and genres, Taj’s original compositions reflect a life-long devotion to sound, and his recordngs are a testament to his experience, diligence and fastidiousness. His work has been featured in JUXTAPOZ, PITCHFORK, IMPOSE, ADHOC and other reputable platforms. He has produced commissioned remixes for Sufjan Stevens, Foot Village and others, and was tapped to create a soundtrack for the Andy Mingo film Romance, based on a story by Chuck Palahniuk (Fight Club), which de- buted in London at the Raindance Film Festival in the fall of 2012. His work has been remixed by Xiu Xiu and Rick Moody, as well as others.

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