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    Sameer Khullar is an accomplished composer, music producer and singer- songwriter. Music has been a lifelong passion for him. He was blessed to be born in a family of music lovers, thus from a very young age he got the privilege of being exposed to many forms of music, from Western classical to Contemporary, Indian ghazals and qawalis to bollywood, from indie and Brit pop to hip hop and rap, and from jazz and RnB to Blues. The understanding and making of music came naturally to him. He started singing and composing while he was in school. As he grew up his love for music too kept increasing. By the time he completed his masters in business management and information technology, music had become an addictive drug for him and he decided to make his passion his career. After taking a formal training and gaining wealth of experience of working with many celebrities, he set up his own music production studio in Delhi. His music is based on his beliefs and his experiences in life. He doesn’t believe in restricting his compositions to any set rules or genres. He is known for his unique & distinguishing music which adapts to changing market dynamics.

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