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    Samantha Leah is a New York City-born lyricist and recording artist. Music fell onto her lap at a young age, as her father was a bass musician, and her mother was a Broadway-enthusiast. Samantha’s feet first touched the professional stage as a 5 year old, and she continued to perform in theater shows as a child and teenager. Later down the line, the desire to write her own lyrics blossomed, and eventually she began releasing original music. Samantha is known for her exceptional writing and vocal skill, each radiating with strength, sensuality, and deep emotion. With inspiration spanning from her theater career, to the rock songs she grew up listening to in the car with her dad, to her own fascination with jazz music and 90’s/2000’s r&b as she got older, Samantha Leah’s style is truly as unique as it gets. She is passionate about telling vivid stories through her music and effectively impacting those who hear it. One of Samantha’s favorite quotes is, “be the change you wish to see in the world,” and she embodies these words by writing from a deep, authentic place in her heart, and staying true to her creative style. She hopes to inspire her listeners to know their worth, think outside the box, see the positives in negative situations, and—most importantly—be true to themselves no matter what anyone says.

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