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    Driven by the need for a creative outlet, Paul Fattahi started SalientVibe to showcase music written and produced by him. SalientVibe features songs of all genres and includes artists from different backgrounds. Paul’s talent offers a diverse mix of original songs and varying tempo beats to appeal to a broad audience. For over twenty years Paul has been writing and producing songs. After studying business and law, he graduated from a business program and went on to complete the music production program from Trebas Institute to gain further insights. “I put my heart into every song”, says Paul. “SalientVibe offers the best of me, and I strive to inspire others”. After taking a break from music production, Paul began a career in the music technology industry as a distributor for award winning software such as Melodyne, FabFilter Pro-Q 3 and FL Studio just to name a few. Currently, SalientVibe’s recent launch and featured releases provide Paul with the means to share his passion. Latest work include both new songs and remixes of his past projects. With a renewed drive, Paul is now positioned to carry out his vision of inspiring people.