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    Hows everyone? Im a up and coming Producer out of Washington state. Been making music for over 16yrs now and i plan on never stopping.. .. I try to bring a sound tht all can feel tht ever lastting music tht you always come back to.. I put my all into wht i do my sound is a mix of things. Im always trying new things looking for just the right sounds to come up with things tht move your soul.. So i thank you for your time its great to here wht others think of my music.. And pls feel free to let me knw if you like it are not.. Thinks i can do better are any info tht can help me get better.. So take care and lets play some music and see if you got some moves .. lol

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 If your looking for Hip Hop or R&B Beats? Well stop right here and take one min to here some of the best music!! 

  • Got To Luv Me 2
  • Nasty girls ft Chase Stacks
  • Multi Playa ft Red Boi
  • They Dont Know ft Rappin 4 Tay & K9 & Dank
  • Cruise Control Ft Ashton Martin (prod) Beatmaster420 Aka Icedub