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    ROY LEONARD HERMAN is, the creator of original, multi-genre styles of, contemporary instrumental & vocal music. All music, lyrics & instruments are, composed, written & played by, Uncle Roy. “I hope to create music that supports & enhances the feelings & moods of the visual production ideas of others for films, TV, apps, commercials, videos, video games and all media!!" "Some will like vocal tunes and some will like instrumentals.” “Some will like pop musics & some will like progressive rock musics” "I hope to give you all, some of what you love to hear.” “It inspires me to do different projects to please everyone I can, who loves music.” The music will explore genres of rock to pop to jazz to dance, too alternative musics and a fusion of other different music styles. I have uploaded 12 tracks to start there. There are 7 instrumental and 5 vocal tracks. Overtime a variety of musics will be uploaded as well. Sometimes the sounds will be light, breezy & dreamy! Sometimes the sounds will be heavy, thick & creamy! Check out the LINKS below for reviews of the music!!! Have a great day in the Milky Way! Cheers & peace always, Uncle Roy

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