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    Hello Everyone! Thanks for checking out my Songtradr Page! My name is Ronnie Lee. I am a Multi-Genre Music Composer, Songwriter, Producer, Multi-Instrumentalist, Studio Recording Artist. Phew, That's a mouth full, but I wanted to included everything about me because after you listen to all the different styles of my music, you'll understand where I'm coming from! Here's a little bit about my musical background: I have been writing music for over 30 years. I also have touring experience in the US and UK. Along with my extensive studio work, I have released several albums, EPs, and Singles. Among all the instruments I play, my favorite is my own designed monster drum kit called The GREMLIN! It was featured in the 2015 November issue of Modern Drummer Magazine for "Kit Of The Month". That was awesome!! My musical writing style and influences include Hans Zimmer, Steven Wilson, Snow Patrol, Radiohead, Kevin Moore, Phil Collins, Rush, Don Henley, Pink Floyd, and of course bands like The Beatles and U2. I would say that I started my musical journey with my first drum kit at age four. And after years of banging on old drums, pots and pans, and furniture, my Mom encouraged me to try other instruments. I got my first real instrument around age 10, a Magnus Electric Chord Organ, and that really gave me the itch for music. And I still own and use that organ today! And I began playing piano, keyboards, and Synths at age 13 where I started writing music right away. Then I started playing guitar at age 17. Learning all these instruments threw me into writing my own original music. Now, 30+ years later, I'm still going, still writing, and constantly releasing new songs. I really hope you enjoy my music!

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