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    I (Bonzo (*artist name)) am the lead singer in a Danish Rock band named "Jaming After Midnight". We have home in Hvidovre near Copenhagen, in the basement of a bar called Corner Bodega. Over seven years the Bass player (B. More.*) and I together have created and played in different setups, with musicians of many differences, until recently. In the beginning we were the rhythm of a blues, country rock band. Back then i was the drummer in the band, until the other guys heard me play a couple of my songs just with an accoustic guitar, foot clicking and my vocal. Before i knew of it i was, after some changes in the lineup, main vocal, guitar, composer/writer. The new drummer (Brown*) sometimes took the singing. As we had luck to find a lead guitarist (Mick de´Moore*), we now were three to sing songs. Both of them later left the band due to personal things not to be mentioned here. We got a new drummer (Stoney "Slammerhand"*). With him and in the times between our `one of a kind´ discovery of the one and only, Kenny Kramer* as the lead guitarist, B. Moore and I named the band as it is today, Jaming After Midnight. The music over the years was strickt and firm Rock music combined with many genres as Heavy, Blues, Ballads, Folk, Funk, Reggae and so on. With Brown (Before Stoney took over) we recorded seven songs over one week-end in pro-studio HULIGENNEM.NU. A small studio on the country runned by, in my point of view, one of the most talented producers in Denmark Paw Koch. Some of the songs are to be remastered. But the best of them are ready for publishing.