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    Someones Friend is a Southern California band based in Pasadena. They combine the styles of folk, pop, and singer-songwriter into one cohesive acoustic sound. Using only two acoustic guitars, their voices, and the occasional light percussion, Someones Friend shows that it only takes a little to do a lot sonically and have taken cues from acts such as The Civil Wars, KT Tunstall, and Ed Sheeran. The band released their first EP, “Long Way Home” in March 2016 and has received great reviews for their songwriting ability and style. The band consists of front woman Ronja Petersen, originally from Denmark, and guitarists Michael Marigliano and Bret Hammer both native Californians. The music is collaboratively written and throughout their set you will both be grooving along to happy feel good tunes, but also taken to memories of old and new love.

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