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    Hi, my name is Robert Boog (pronounced like "boogie man") and I'm not really a doctor but I often play one at Starbucks. C'mon, you don't ALWAYS give them your REAL name, do you? Okay, so I live one hour north of Los Angeles where I sell real estate. I am a UCLA grad with a BA in English, I'm married, have two dogs and Blah, blah, blah. Also, I don't sing very well and I don't play a musical instrument yet I write songs as a hobby. I started calling them songs in 2006 after leaving a lined yellow pad at a nearby Starbucks, and an enthusiastic barista told me she would love to sing the lyrics I had jotted down. Have had over 15k downloads on just one song. So obviously, the people I send my songs to, CAN sing and play.