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    Cynthia Kaarto and Roberto Philipp Past to Present We’ll keep this as short as possible. We’re a songwriting team that scores for T.V. and film. We have also written for both indie artists and major artists. We are certified arrangers/composers (we know it doesn’t mean much, but we worked for it). We produce music in our studio. We are prolific songwriters. More than 1500+ lyrical and instrumental pieces. We’re not into name dropping. We’ve worked with artists that are still alive and some that have bitten the dust. We’re still here and music is what we make. We also occasionally perform our own material “live”. On our SoundCloud page, you’ll notice different performers that are currently involved in lending their voices to our work. You’ll also hear our voices as part of projects like BLACK TURTLE DOVE, DEAR LIAR, CYNTHIA KNIGHT and ROBERT PHILIPP. We hope that you enjoy your visit.

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