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    Rico Moraes is a Brazilian musician and producer who has his first contact with music when he was three years old and saw Joao Gilberto playing in his home in a tragicomic story. Rico started studying guitar in 1997 with Vera Versiani moving from the popular guitar to the beginning of the classic guitar. 2004 - appears the band of rock Os Macraios and Rico appears playing with electric guitar. 2010 - graduated in advertising but did not pursue a career 2013 - participates in the debut album of the band BR 101, in the track "Tudo tem um fim" 2014 the band Os Macraios dissolves 2015 began to assemble the Pato Rouco Records Studio in his house. Then began studying music production and completes this graduation in 2017. Since then he produces musical contents through his studio and label: Pato Rouco Records

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