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    Born in Kansas City, Mo 2/16/48 - relocated to Los Angeles in 1977. Performed and or recorded with Martha Reeves and the Vandellas, Mary Wells, Oleta Adams, Charles Brown, Frankie Laine, Combonation, The Bonedaddys, Sonny Bono, Conjunto Jardin, Urban Dread, Stefani Valadez' World Music Ensemble, Bill Lynch and the Midwestern Icons, Mark Tyson and the Blue Nile X-Press, James Gadson, Dean Parks, Alex Acuna, Luis Conte, Paul Barrerre, Robby Krieger and Mike Finnigan Discography 1976 Tom Bark "Cosmpolitan Redskin" Cavern Records Producer: Chuck Chapman 1978 Charles Brown "Music, Maestro Please" Big Town Records Producer: George Mattola 1984 Combonation (eponymous) Warner Brothers Producer: Ted Templeman 1987 The Dig (eponymous) A&M Producers: Mark Ross/Arif Mardin 1987 The Bonedaddys "A-Koo-De-A" Capitol Records Producer: Dave Jerden 1989 The Bonedaddys "World Beatniks" Chameleon Records Producer: Stephen Powers 1991 The Bonedaddys "To Jam is Human, To Gig Divine" Voss Records Producer: Dave Wakeling 1996 "Eyesore - A Stab at the Residents" Compilation Vaccination Records 1996 Jessica Harper - "Nora's Room" Alacazam/Alcazar Records Producer: Jessica Harper 1998 Conjunto Jardin "Nuevo Son Jorocho" Trova Records Producer: Libby Harding 2000 Jessica Harper "Ryhthm in My Shoes" Rounder Records Producer: Jessica Harper 2000 Conjunto Jardin "Floreando" Trova Records Producer: Libby Harding 2001 "Bright Spaces" Children's Music Compilation Rounder Records 2003 The Bonedaddys "Garage Sale" ComboTempo Records Producer: Mike Tempo 2008 Conjunto Jardin "Yerba Buena" Trova Records Producer: Libby Harding 2008 The Bonedaddys "Waterslide" ComboTempo Records Producer: Mike Tempo 2009 Gaspipe (Eponymous) Genre: World Funk (641444045426) Producer: Jim Thompson 2010 Kanarek "Looking Back Ahead" Poodie Records Producer: Marvin Kanarek 2011 Urban Dread (eponymous) Dreadsongs Records Producers: Jason Bourne/Jamey Zeb Dekofsky/Carlton "Santa" Davis. 2012 Nyofu Tyson "Minstrels and Mystics" 3 Worlds Music Producer: Nyofu Tyson

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