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    Who is Richie Ravello? Son to a Spanish father and an Italian-English mother. “I grew up in London, but I left the city when I was 5 years old and then went back at the age of twenty six. Now I make music enjoying the sun in the gulf of Napoli” What kind of music do you make? I make electronic music influenced by pop music and some kind of British dance, a bit aged to be honest... But I'm also influenced by the sunset in Ischia, lemonades and the lifestyle in here, so I would define my music as “Napolitan Electronic Music”. How did you create the sound of the album? Before starting to write the album I decided to set a very simple rule: each song must be made with the same set up of instruments. This limitation that I imposed myself was extremely helpful to challenge my creativity and gave me the chance to create a solid sound using only some few tools. Who were the people you worked with to create the album? Another rule I set up was to collaborate with other producers or singers even without knowing them. That's why some collaborations were born only through emails! On “Here it Comes”, “Cold Juice” and “Gone” I worked with my favourite singer, Silke who is also co- author of those tracks. Jordy, an R&B/Soul singer from NYC has sung in “La Nuit” and in “Fading Lights” I collaborated with an long- time friend Joseph Ride and Mo Evans, an great talent with a stunning voice. The others are some fellow people from Naples who I know very well like Sonakine and Gaetano Savio. Which records have influenced you during the making of the album? The albums I got influenced by are the records I've been listening to lately. It's not a particular kind though, I'm always seeking new music so I normally listen to a big amount of different things. I like Dam Funk, Con Truise, Mdnsgn but also other artists such as Chromatics, Washed Out, Toro y Moi, Glass Candy, The XX, Junior Boys.

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