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    K-RAB PRODUCTIONS is an American record production company formed June 2, 2016 out of Atlanta, Georgia CEO K-RAB the originator of "snap music". A song he produced, "Laffy Taffy"—performed by Atlanta-based hip-hop group D4L—was recently honored by ASCAP, as one of the "most performed songs" of 2006."Laffy Taffy" also reached number one on the Billboard Hot 100 (and placed high on five other Billboard charts).K-Rab and D4L set the single-track record for most digital downloads in one week with 175,000 copies, eventually selling over 3 million. R&B vocal group Cherish's hit single "Do It, to It" is based on the K-Rab-produced "Do It, Do It (Poole Palace)" by BHI, DJ Unk's "Walk It Out" is inspired by BHI's "Westside Walk It Out", Lil Jon has a song called "Snap Ya Fingers", and Diddy used a sample of BHI's "Do It, Do It (Poole Palace)" on an early Pussycat Dolls single.

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