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    His first taste of recording was as a High School student, working on four track demos, learning the band trade at the same time as honing his nascent engineering skills. After serving the usual engineering apprenticeship - making tea and toast - at several studios in Sydney and Melbourne (observing at first hand such studio names as Paul Northfield -Rush, Suicidal Tendencies; and Peter Cobbin – Head Engineer at Abbey Road Studios) Jack soon became a freelance studio engineer at Sydney’s EMI Studios, where the wide range of recording equipment afforded him a unique sonic education most evident in his work today. In 1996 Jack came to the UK (nothing wrong with Australia of course!) with INXS’ Andrew Farris and engineered for the late Bruce Fairbairn on the album, ‘Elegantly Wasted.’ In the same year Jack engineered and mixed the A&M signing, G.U.N.. Jack steadily began producing and in 1997 he moved to Italy for 4 months to produce the Platinum selling album, ‘Mondi Summersi’ for the Italian band Litfiba. So impressed they invited Jack back the following year to produce their second Platinum selling album, ‘Infernito’ as well as a double live album. Over the course of the 19 years Jack has been in Europe, he has worked in many countries on many different and interesting projects. Jack has just spent the last 6 years in Paris where he could focus more on his love for producing, programming and cooking. Now he is back in the Australia in Melbourne cooking up a storm in the kitchen and in his own personal studio

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