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    Rich Lowe Ikenna is an American born actor, singer, director, song writer, music/film producer and dancer. He is of Nigerian and Panamanian - Central American descent. In April 2015 Rich signed to BMG Chrysalis as a songwriter/producer. He was born Richard Bush III on August 10, 1991 in Brooklyn, NY. He was raised by his Grandmother Carrie Lee Davis, in the East NY section of Brooklyn. He began singing and acting at the age of 14, attending the 'Brooklyn High School Of The Arts' under the tutelage of his music teacher Mrs. Charlene Corbett-Thomas. Outside of Rich's notoriety as a singer/dancer. Rich began his professional acting career with a role in American Stage Theatre's production of Marco Ramirez's "The Royale". Rich is a an award-winning indie singer and songwriter, screenwriter, director, music and film producer.

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