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    Here is my music page. I am a singer songwriter. I've been writing since age 15. I've been looking for a break ever since. I was 17 when I went studio to produce my first song, Baby I!... Need To Tell You Something, 2009. I worked on my sound and worked with a producer and helped him get a feel for what I was going for. When I turned 20 in 2011, my brother passed away and I didn't want to do anything like make music for 2 years... then I decided I would need to get over his passing and went back to the studio and finished my album in 6 months. I was delighted. I love music, I love writing. I wrote alot of songs since not getting signed or anything. I've continued to write. I am a singer/songwriter. I make my music too. In 2015, I published my first album onto youtube, and I have been posting and releasing new songs that I have been writing. Mr. President, one of my new songs which is popular, and one of my best songs is published on YouTube and is available to download on iTunes and Cdbaby. I don't play instruments. I just work with my producer when I'm at the studio, I like singing or speaking the instruments that I hear in my head, and make some great music. I worked with producer Stuart Leadbetter from Cotyso studios in 2009, whom I remember meeting the first time, and was looking forward to making my first ever song with him (Baby I!...Need To Tell You Something). I worked with Carl Stipetic, who is a genius. He really loves Motown which is my love of music we talked about when we first met and worked together. I also met producer Kad Hussain in 2014, who is amazing also and I really enjoyed working with him. I have written many songs. I have the hopes and dreams of producing and releasing many albums. I believe I can do anything I dream of. I love my favourite artists Michael Jackson, Madonna, Elvis, Whitney Houston and Aaliyah... and want to be just like them. I am on YouTube. You can search me and find a video of me singing accapella, a song I wrote called, Mwah. You can find me as Ria Mann Rosa. You can search a music video I did called, Santa's baby. I would like to release it on Christmas, but every Christmas gone by since I just haven't had the chance. This is all I want. If you like my music and want to listen feel free to like me and share my music. I think the biggest achievement for me is that I recorded my first album, Baby I!... Need To Tell You Something. The album has some really good songs on there, and is influenced by my favourite artists. It has a jazz/ soul/ pop style. I have produced many more songs after my first album. I have been going studio and working on some songs I have written, like Blue Jean Eyed Chavster and I am Your Queen.... just to make a few. I think making great songs and music is a really big achievement for me :D I am also a huge fan of Marilyn Monroe and like to do my Marilyn Monroe impressions, and she has inspired me as an artist. She is one of my hero's too. I knew her when I was young but truly discovered her when I was 17. I got to know about her and love her as an artist also.

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