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    Finally, The Gigglefits have our very first EP titled, "YOU CAN'T STOP THIS!". #ASCAP registered , mastered, radio worthy songs ready for submission for airplay. A special thanks to Ron Gerring aka #JukeboxGuy for the amazing mastering of our first EP. Tony Carlozzi, on guitar and Queen Regina Palmer lyrics and vocals. Our sound is original. We are alternative multi genre artists. we do #country #rock #gospel, #blues predominately but you can expect us to explore and challenge our abilities to stretch boundaries and be in multiple genres of airplay. We both absolutely love to sing, write, entertain and make you laugh. There is no looking back. We hope to make our debut splash and spread like wildfire. There is plenty more coming too. (WARNING) THE GIGGLEFIT'S ARE CONTAGIOUS. We have a serous music virus we intend to spread. If the Giggle fits "Wear It! Much Love,

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 Lifelong Lyricist, Singer, Songwriter from Oklahoma. Queen Regina Palmer, "The Gigglefits". Look out 2023. Finally We've Arrived.