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    Raymond Jackson Jr. a/k/a RAJAC Music Resume Raymond Jackson a/k/a RAJAC emerged from Linden, NJ and has become one of the premier production/stage/recording musicians in the industry known for his unique signature “sophisti-funk” bass playing style. His production work included working with Charles Earland, Mark Sadane, Aurra/Deja and Mtume and co-produced with the groups The Strangers and Krisp. In 1979 RAJAC recorded with Eddie Hazel on the Motown record label. 1981-1984 AURRA/DEJA Aurra – Co-wrote “A Little Love” from the A Little Love album Co-wrote “Coming to Get You” from the Live & Let Live album Played bass on both albums Deja -Played bass on the songs “Serious” and “Life” from the Serious album 1984-1988 MTUME Bass, vocals, keyboard and drum programming “Sophisti-funk” bassline on “Juicy Fruit” (Gold single) from the Juicy Fruit album (Gold album & nominated for a Grammy as new artist of the year) Co-wrote “Would You Like to Fool Around” from the Juicy Fruit album Co-wrote “Prime Time” (#1 on the British charts) from the You Me & He album Co-wrote “I Simply Like” from the You Me & He album Co-wrote “Hip Dip Skip da Beat” from the You Me & He album Co-wrote “Tie Me Up” from the You Me & He album Co-wrote “Don’t Believe You Heard Me” from the Theater of the Minds album 1988 RAJAC & REDD HOT album – produced and written by RAJAC Released internationally on Sutra Records which included the singles “Guilty”, “Some Like It Hot” and “No Guarantees” 2016 “Here I Stand” single and video released on allyjack records 10-6-2016 2017 - Submitting new tracks for placements in Film/TV Shows/Commercials and Video games