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    Rasull Soon is a gifted composer of highly evolved musical instincts from Malaysia. He is a seeker of spirituality and has a keen sense of expressing it through music. He composes path breaking meditation and new age music by venturing into hitherto unexplored domains of sound and melody, by expertly integrating the best of the eastern and western musical sounds and percussion elements, and creating an original and unique genre of music. Albums that explored entirely new aural dimensions and sound scapes, that would lead the listeners throughantar naad, to reach deeply within their minds, while attempting to achieve complete tranquility by making a divine connection with the cosmic consciousness through naad brahma. . Moreover in this digital age of the internet, Rasull can claim credit as being one of the many sought after composers on the internet with his albums being released by Real Music from the USA. He goes by the name 'BlueMonk' his meditative content, and highly enduring in his appeal for the serious meditator, as well as the casual listener, who were struggling to deal with the day to day stresses of modern times. Spiritual endeavor, music creativity and a broad understanding of electronics has always been a way of life and passion for Rasull and these three competencies have molded and shaped him into the artist he is today. In 1984 he was offered the job of keyboard player in a local band and took it without hesitation. This acted as a pivotal turning point in his career and he has not looked back ever since. During his years of performing he has also played as a session musician for many local recording artists in Malaysia. He composed his first composition entitled ͚Let there be Light͛ and it was subsequently selected for the finals of The World Peace Song Kite Festival held in Malaysia in the mid eighties and was nominated as first runner up in the competition. Along the way he has submitted other solo and joint compositions for a local TV station and also national theme anthems. He received a letter of appreciation from Hyatt Regency Saujana Kuala Lumpur for outstanding performance and dedication that contributed as a key factor in them receiving The Millennium Gold Award 2001/2002. He composed hundreds of TV and radio commercial jingles and numerous songs for a few local artists. He also received the bronze award for best sound design in Malaysian Video Awards in year 2000 and a gold in 2002. During these years at the production house, he had used computer based hard disk recording technology – Digital audio Workstations, worked with samples and loops on his composition works. In 2005 he ventured into new age and electronic ambient music and showcased them on several promotional websites. In early 2008 his music was heard by John Rawsthorne of Ninewells Music and two meditation music projects were discussed. John had been working with renowned Indian bansuri composer and player Rajendra Teredesai so a collaborative alliance was formed that has produced three albums in 2009... Divine Dimension, Path of The Divine and Enlightened Love. It was a complete break through for him as his inborn spiritual seeking personality finally found a meaningful foundation where he could actually express his inner passion in creating music that he loved and cherished the most.. Working with John and Rajendra has opened up new dimensions of creating, composing and arranging high quality professional meditation music that is often overlooked or taken for granted in majestically tranquil, calm and beautiful gems of musical composition. Enlightened Love was released by Real Music in 2011. On 1st June, 2013, Rasull had signed up with Liquid Tree Records, a label based in Germany. His first album Dance Of The Blue Monk will be due to release on July 2013. Miguel Johnson, a highly dynamic CEO of Liquid Tree is a master degree holder in audio engineering and has more than twenty years of experience in mastering and producing top notch records at his disposal. Working with Miguel and his remarkable arsenal of high calibre label roster is a truly great experience and tremendous joy for Rasull. He is now ever more ready to give all that he has got to deliver many more outstanding new age and meditation music. His third album entitled Water Spirit will be released in early January 2014 by Liquid Tree Records. Music, the vibrational force that attunes and harmonizes with your inner and outer universe. Email: rasull@bluemonk.me Hide Sidebar CommentsActivity RS Write a comment Comment on specific areas Add sticker @mention someone Post a comment to start a discussion. @Mention someone to notify them. No recent activity This file hasn’t been updated in the past year. Account photo <b>Try it free</b> Out of space? No problem! Try Dropbox Business! Try it free Close Upgrade account

 Music, the vibrational force that attunes and harmonizes with your inner and outer universe