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    Im RAFZTAR based in UK. My favourite genres of music are hip hop, electronic and asian (Bhangra/Bollywood). This comes across as influences in my many beats and songs. I have worked with many artists from around the world and several of my songs have been used in local feature films. One of my songs Ghost Town even features licensed samples from James Bond movie Thunderball. I have published 3 hip hop and instrumental albums with over 75 original songs to date. I now work with MixCraft Pro, some early tracks were made using Beatz Maker Evolution : www.beatzmaker.co.uk My first album 'Rising Stars' was released on May 2016 and is available to buy on iTunes and all other major online music stores: http://RAFZTAR.com Im always looking for new artists/rappers to work with so if you like any of my beats or want to discuss a new song just email me at info@rafztar.com Thanks for listening!

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