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    Hello! My name is Radoslav Ivanov. I'm a musician, producer and audio designer working by the name Slugware. I produce breakbeat and funk music, as well as non-dance oriented music as ambient , psydub and electronica. I have a working experience on audio design projects for media products and tv shows. I also compose for videogames , tv commercials, short movies and documentaries. I am a bassplayer with background in jazz and funk. As far as composing for media products is concerned, i do not contstrain to my most prominent styles of work, but rather help to deliver anything the client needs aesthetically for their narrative. Here's an audioreel of some of my work : https://soundcloud.com/slugware/slugware-audio-reel/s-B4Ci7 Here's a portfolio for the audio i created for hi-tech and gaming tv show NEXT.TV https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLvEOLisvIVYrdEkEs_Bf8eRaUvaBf8R3z Some of my other released music is available at : https://soundcloud.com/slugware Best Regards! Rado