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    I Am Pn'KyiouSs DiaZz, and I'm a "Gay-Male Rapper" from Dead End Houston Tx . I am well aware of the obstacle's and adversity I have stacked in my path, but once you make it out the jungle, you stay ready and over prepared for the rumble. HipHop is a essence that comes over you and takes control over you and Commands Respect and Attention!!! I am well aware of the responsibility that comes with ordaining your self as a rapper. Every Verse I choose to rap will be a task of always proving myself to the "straight male" dominated culture. But ,I" Pn'KyiouSs DiaZz" is just the emcee for the task. Once you hear my mixtape I want have to even do all this explaining cuz it will be OVERSTOOD!!! AND LETS BE CLEAR I WRITE EVERY VERSE, EVERY HOOK, EVERY BRIDGE, AND ANYTHING YOU HEAR COME OUTTA MY MOUTH ON A TRACK WITH MY GOD GIVING GIFT ….. IMA EMCEE AND A SONGWRITTER, I LIKE BARZ AND POP MUSIC ,SO I BALANCE THE WORLDS WHILE ALSO NOT ALOWING MYSELF TO BE BLOCKED INTO A GENERA. MUSIC IS MY PASSION ,SO NO MATTER HOW SWEET SUM SONGS MAY BE, PN'KYIO USS WILL ALWAYS BE A LYRICL ASSIN..... #KAPESH!!!

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